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Remembering John D. Spellman

In memory of former Washington State Governor John D. Spellman, who passed away yesterday, the Archives shares a few photographs of his service as King County Executive from 1969-1981.

King County Executive Dow Constantine describes Spellman as having been an “amiable, humble man,” and these qualities come through in photos of his interactions with County employees and the public.

413-2-440_KingCountyFair_92.0.0252King County Fair, 1977.


413-2-455_ElectionCampaign1973_92.0.0258Election campaign, 1973.


413-2-250_ParkGrant1973_92-0-0018Grant for parks acquisition, 1973.

413-2-253_GlenEaglespeaker_Kainai_Drum_NW_Inter-Tribal_Club_1970_92.0.0021With Glen Eaglespeaker (Kainai), of the Northwest Inter-Tribal Club, circa 1970.

413-2-212_Students_InCouncilChambers_1971_92.0.0190With students in King County Council chambers, 1971.

413-2-279_AtKingdomeSite_1974_92.0.0050At future Kingdome site, 1974.

413-2-379_DedicationGreenRiverPumpPlant_1973_92.0.0155Dedication of the Green River Pump Plant, 1973.

413-2-384_SpellmanBar1973_92.0.0160Pouring a beer, circa 1973.


413-2-414_ArtsCommission1969_92.0.0219King County Arts Commission event, 1969.

413-2-419_Fishing1969_92.0.0224Fishing, circa 1969.




(Photos are from Series 413, County Executive John Spellman Photograph files, King County Archives.)



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